Thursday, December 08, 2005

hello happy people.

grammy nominations were announced today. mariah carey? come on. i say "whatever". kanye west got nominated. that's cool. nine inch nails got a nod for "the hand that feeds", which i of course applaud weezer and the foo fighters are also up for some awards. solid nominations.

but basically this year the grammy choices come down to popularity instead of skill. some years we get the longevity grammy, like santana or steely dan, who are both entertaining but did not put out their best work...they just outlived all their contemporaries. this time we get mariah, who had TWELVE producers on her album and whose song "we belong together" has SIX writers, none of whom is ms. carey. oh, and she is not in a band.

i enjoy a solid, well written popsong, sung well. she has put out some great music in the past, but her current album is a giant pile of semi-melodic waste. every song seems to have a "featuring" credit. the woman has a huge vocal range. why the hell does she need all this help to put out a record? she barely needs MUSIC behind her. she really sings that well. why sully it with phat drum beats?

by the way, i love big disco drums and synths, but mariah has a killer voice. let it stand alone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

hello happy people.

today we officially lost the war in iraq.

read down the story a little and you'll see that the various iraqi factions have endorsed the idea that "national resistance is a legitimate right of all nations". it doesn't embrace terrorism per se, but it pretty much says that it's ok to attack american soldiers or the iraqi military, police, and government officials.

aren't we there to "free" these people? they just gave a hunting license to every insurgent in iraq. everyone knows i am not by any means pro-war. but this is insane. how can our guys defend anyone who says it's ok for the "bad guys" to attack them? screw it. let them figure it out. once we do decide to leave (whenever that is...5-10 years is what i heard) it'll devolve into a muslim fundamentalist state ("little iran") and a kurd state (whoch turkey will decide belongs to them. Let's just skip a step.


Monday, November 21, 2005

hello happy people.

first, yeah tampa bay. 7-3. keep your fingers crossed. however, if they can't pull it off i will be rooting for indianapolis, 'cause tony dungy is the man (ex-bucs coach, too).

i have done the unthinkable...i signed up for an on-line cd/music club. yep, i am going to pay for music. of course, i am only going to pay 5.99 a disc, so it's way cheaper than itunes, and i'll get album art and what not. not to say i won't share...

on a more political note, i am reading the excellent "conspiracy of fools", the true story of enron's rise and fall. it is really upsetting to know just how tangled our current (and past) presidents are/were in the energy industry. bush 1, clinton, and dubya were wrapped around enron's fingers. james baker was an advisor as well. remember, a good politician is one that stays bought.

while discussing buying and selling, how about the guy who sold the war:

John Rendon

brilliant work on his part. everyone bought into the story (true or not) and grabbed on with both hands. now everyone is in full retreat mode, trying to distance themselves from the mistakes that have been made in the desert. it just proves that our leadership thinks americans are too stupid to be told the truth. if they had said we want to get rid of hussein because iraq needs a democracy and it will stabilize the middle east, we may have still said let's do it. creating a tenuous or nonexistent link to terrorism was a ploy to cash in on 9/11 fear.

we may have said no, however, because there are LOTS of countries that have tyrannical leaders and no freedoms of any kind...china, most of africa, saudi arabia, north korea...but we don't plan on invading them, do we? china would fight
back if we go at them or north korea, saudi arabia is our good friend, and we don't care about africa at all. africa has nothing we want. they don't trade with us, they don't have much oil...oh yeah, and they're black. nearly forgot that. remember somalia? rwanda? all the little civil wars where genocide happens all the time? clinton (and the UN) didn't help because there was no political will, and bush has been the same way.

africa is where the true terrorists will come from. the continent sees america and europe as a fair weather friend who only helps if it is convenient or someone writes a song about it. militant islam is on the rise there, but we are too busy spending money hand over fist to win over sunny iraq when a little bit of that money in the right country would help us so much more.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

hello happy people.

quick post.

radiohead live at glastonbury.

great show, very good audio.

no password, get it while it's alive.

never got to "get my drink on" last night. it's saturday, though, so i am up for a second try.


Friday, November 18, 2005

hello happy people.

i had a long day and now i enjoying (too many) cold refreshing adult beverages. while i can still is a little something for you NIN fans.

bonus fragile tracks

make your own vinyl or cassette playlist. (find out those tracklistings on google).

the songs are:
ten miles high
the new flesh
complications of the flesh
appendage (part 2 of "please", from the tape)

and two remixes of the day the world went away
and (porter ricks)

enjoy while it while you can.

by the way, no passowrd.

i hear a beer calling.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

hello happy people.

i am duly chagrined...please read the following...and all hail Mike "A-Train" "I bet he eats his Wheaties" Alstott.

Texan Buc Fan to me

And not one comment from you on the Bucs wonderful two point conversion... Geesh... #40 = Bucs Legend! Show respect and mad props to the A-Train!!!

i've been busy!! also, whenever i watch the bucs on tv they lose, so i am trying not to curse them.

ps: if you ever think your local politics are screwed up take a look at charlotte. they just re-elected McCrory, a mayor whose great ideas were to: give the city a light rail train that will (initially) connect nowhere (aka South Blvd) and the moneyed Huntersville, and to whore out the local populace so nascar will build their museum here. all the people in H-ville have cars and will not use public transit. nascar will build wherever the money is best. oh well.

hello happy people.

long time no post, right?

been very busy, but is that an excuse anymore? i should be able to multi task until my fingers bleed.

in fact, right now i am backing up all the data on a client pc so i can attempt an upgrade of one of their piece of dog crap vitally important bits of software . wish me luck on that one. it's so buggy i should call terminix in as a consultant.

someone gave me the new system of a down album yesterday...get it!! it's better than mesmerize. hell, buyit if you have to. really.

glad to know it's not just the CIA (allegedly) torturing iraqi prisoners in secret prisons.

hey mr. cheney, we can do it too!!

did you ever play a game with kids in school and one kid always wanted to change the rules as he went along? you know, 4 strikes, or changing the end zone, or letting the winger use his hands? this war seems like that. they changed why we were there, and now they want to change the guidelines our people follow when questioning prisoners. if we can't follow the rules we set up how can we ever expect anyone else to? we probably shouldn't take our ball and go home. let's finish the game...honorably. and yes, i do know the "bad guys" don't follow the rules of war. someone has to though, or whatever victory we achieve stands for nothing.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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deconstruction shoes